First Filmhighlights for International Program on "Power" confirmed

"Power" is the focus of this year's LICHTER Filmfest Frankfurt International. In its 13th edition, the festival illuminates the world's power mechanisms with an international film program and interdisciplinary discussions. The first German premieres have already been confirmed.

Climate movements and global tech companies are becoming decisive pacemakers for our society. Day-to-day political business is increasingly determined by ideological trench warfare. Where would our world be without civil engagement against corruption and populism? Under the banner of these upheavals, humanity is currently at a turning point that will change the balance of power worldwide. LICHTER will examine this exciting moment from April 21 to 26.

Repeatedly, the search for the central theme of the 13th festival edition resulted in this all-defining term. Many of the images we associate with power come from the cinema. The medium itself has developed a narrative power that has guided our thinking for over 100 years. The Twentieth Century is a prime example of this, a biting commentary on human behaviour in politics. In the bizarre grotesqueness of the MacKenzie King's rise to Canadian Prime Minister, director Matthew Rankin describes which absurd humiliations people are prepared to undergo in order to be accepted into the circle of the powerful.

In the German premiere One Day in the Life of Noah Piugattuk, Zacharias Kunuk gives an example of the forced uprooting of indigenous peoples in the Arctic regions of northern Canada: In a dialogue that lasts over an hour, in the middle of an icy snow-covered landscape, a government representative tries to convince an Inuit group to give up their nomadic lifestyle. For the Inuit, however, a life without igloos and seal hunts is inconceivable.

With the boxer-drama Knuckle City, the festival makers show how poverty and toxic masculinity function as a fuel for interpersonal conflict. The South African Oscar submission also has its German premiere at LICHTER.

Other confirmed films that have already caused storms of cheers from critics and audiences at several major festivals: Bacurau by Kleber Mendonca Filho, a dystopian vision of Brazil's future, in which fascism and capitalism go hand in hand; the documentary Midnight Family (director: Luke Lorentzen), which uses the corrupt business of private rescue services to demonstrate the impotence of the Mexican state and the country's dysfunctional health care system; and Papicha by Mounia Meddour, in which a young woman fights for a liberal world view despite Islamist violence on the streets of Algiers.  

Bacurau (Director: Juliano Dornelles, Kleber Mendonça Filho; Fiction, BRA/F 2019, 131 Min. // Trailer)

Dark Suns (Director: Julien Elie; Documentary, CDN 2018, 155 Min. // Trailer)

Midnight Family (Director: Luke Lorentzen; Documentary, MEX 2019, 81 Min. // Trailer)

Knuckle City (German premiere // Director: Jahmil X.T. Qubeka; Fiction, SA 2019, 124 Min. // Trailer)

Papicha (Director: Mournia Meddour; Fiction, F/AL/B/KAT 2019, 108 Min. // Trailer)  

One Day in the Life of Noah Piugattuk (German première // Director: Zacharias Kunuk; Spielfilm, CDN 2019, 113 Min. // Trailer)

The Twentieth Century (Director: Matthew Rankin; Spielfilm, CDN 2019, 90 Min. // Trailer)

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