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Podcast on the Regional Film Program 2022

The 15th LICHTER Filmfest is just around the corner and you are still undecided which films you want to see? No problem, because in our podcast we give you a small taste of the program and introduce various filmmakers from the region.

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Lukas Rinker shows us that German genre film is better than its reputation in his debut film "Holy Shit", which can be seen this year at the 15th LICHTER Filmfest. An absurdly funny story, a tiny setting that awakens claustrophobic feelings and a countdown that counts down in real time. These are the ingredients for a blackly humorous thriller that really doesn't get boring for a second!

We talked to Lukas Rinker about the regional film scene, the best German genre films and about shooting in a porta-potty.


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    The Filmmakers

    Lukas Rinker

    Lukas Rinker, 35, a native of Frankfurt, studied media design in Mainz and has been working as a freelance director for advertising and image clips since 2016. Hopefully he can now put this yoke behind him - after he was allowed to direct his debut film "Holy Shit!" in 2021 with Hessenfilm support, which is currently on festival tour.