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Ticket Information

All information about ticket prices, accreditation possibilities and payment methods.


1) Pay with your credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Amex).

2) If you do not have a credit card, please send us the amount for all the films you want to watch via Paypal to abrechnung@lichter-filmfest.de. Write in the reason for payment the names of the films you want to book.

If you use a different email address for the Paypal transfer than the one you registered with in online.lichter-filmfest.de, please also write the registered email address in the reason for payment. After you transfer the money, please give us 12 hours, then you can find the booked films in your library.

If you have any questions or difficulties, please contact: ondemand@lichter-filmfest.de


The program consists of content that is free to watch and content that is subject to a fee:

  • 8€ per feature length film (regional and international)
  • 3€ per short film reel (regional and international) and medium length films
  • 5€ for the LICHTER Art Award
  • For the film bundles curated by different themes, prices may vary, so please refer to the website.
  • 100€ per LICHTER Festival Pass, which entitles you to watch all films
  • The films of the 4th VR Storytelling Award are available for free.


Please write to us about your interest in accreditation at:

  • Accreditations Press: presse@lichter-filmfest.de
  • Accreditation professional attendees: 50€ ondemand@lichter-filmfest.de
  • 10-card student accreditation: 40€ ondemand@lichter-filmfest.de