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Director: Janina Lutter
World premiere
Feature film, Germany 2021, 86 min.
Language: German

May 14 at 4 pm • Cinema: Cantate-Saal
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Kim cannot take it anymore. Frustrated by problems at school and trouble with her mother, she walks to her father. She is not well prepared for this long hike, which is why she soon finds herself confronted not only with her thoughts, but with all sorts of small and large obstacles.The film Brennnesselbad was developed as a joint effort by three students at the Filmhochschule Darmstadt. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the team of three took on all the work on the film themselves. The screenplay was created – in analogy to Kim’s wandering quest –during the shooting of the film.

DirectorJanina Lutter
ScreenplayJanina Lutter, Fabienne Schweers, Paul Galli
CameraFabienne Schweers
ProductionPaul Galli

 celebrates world premiere at the Lichter Filmfest.

The team about their film

“The film Brennnesselbad is about growing up and letting go. About running away and arriving. About small and big setbacks. About getting lost and finding new ways."