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Fritz Bauers Erbe

Fritz Bauers Erbe – Gerechtigkeit verjährt nicht


Directors: Isabel Gathof, Sabine Lamby, Cornelia Partman
World premiere
Documentary, Germany 2021, 98 min.
Language: German, English, Hebrew

May 12 at 6:00 pm • Cinema: Cantate-Saal
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In November 2018, 95-year-old Johann R. stands trial for accessory to murder in hundreds of cases. He is said to have been part of the camp supervision as an SS-man in the concentration camp Stutthof. Why did so many years pass until the start of the trial? What does the trial mean for the survivors of the Shoah, the German legal system, and the reprocessing of German history? The documentary Fritz Bauers Erbe – Gerechtigkeit verjährt nicht examines the trial from the perspective of the Frankfurter Ausschwitztrials, which began in 1963 – almost 60 years ago – after essential efforts by the then Hessian Attorney General Fritz Bauer. The film convinces through its juxtaposition of contemporary witnesses and the classification of the trial by lawyers and historians. The score was composed by noted Frankfurter jazz pianist, DJ and music producer Matthias Vogt.

Directors:Sabine Lamby, Cornelia Partmann, Isabel Gathof
Screenplay:Sabine Lamby, Cornelia Partmann, Isabel Gathof
Production:Sabine Lamby, Cornelia Partmann, Isabel Gathof
Camera:Nicolas Mussell

Tobias Schinko

Music:Matthias Vogt

Fritz Bauers Erbe was supported by HessenFilm und Medien.

About the Directors:

Isabel Gathof grew up in Hanau. Her directorial debut Moritz Daniel Oppenheim – der erste jüdische Maler was screened at LICHTER Filmfest in 2018 and awarded the Hessischer Newcomer Preis. Sabine Lamby and Cornelia Partmann developed and co-produced, among others, the feature film "Im Labyrinth des Schweigens", which won several international awards and provided the idea for "Fritz Bauer's Erbe".