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Director: Stanislaw Mucha
Hessen premiere
Documentary, Germany 2021, 90 min.
Language: Russian, German with German subtitles

May 13 at 5:30 pm • Cinema: Mal Seh'n
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The cold can be healing. Somehow this also applies to Stanislaw Mucha's new documentary. In Wettermacher, however, he does not show people visiting a cold chamber for a few minutes to promote blood circulation. Mucha accompanies three meteorologists not far from the Siberian polar sea. At the local weather station “Chodovaricha” they observe the weather, andwe observe them: a professional soldier traumatised in the Chechen war, who retained himself as a meteorologist, his wife, who turned her back on her failed life as well as their little daughter and their ominous boss, suffering from cancer and already retired. They lead an everyday life in total seclusion, which they hope will heal old wounds. But even in the most remote place on earth, heated conflicts are inevitable if life is to be lived.

DirectorStanislaw Mucha
ScreenplayDorothea Braun, Stanislaw Mucha
Markus Winterbauer
EditingNicole Winterbauer
Markus Belde, Kurt Otterbacher, Rudi Teichmann,Zinnober Film GmbH
strandfilm-Produktions GmbH, B&T Film
CastSaralisa Volm, Luise Helm, Heike-Melba Fendel, Celine Yildirim, RP Kahl

The documentary was developed in co-production with the Frankfurt Filmproduktionsgesellschaft strandfilm and was funded by Hessen Film & Medien.

Wettermacher celebrated its' premiere at the 55th International Hofer Film Festival 2021.

The Director about his film

"Don’t expect a film about climate change! Where we were, people forget how to spell the word climate!"