10.05. ‐ 15.05.2022

As a result of the COVID-19 crisis, our festival cinemas have had to close for the forseeable future and are now facing major financial challenges. In order to maintain the diverse cinema and cultural scene in Frankfurt, it is now imperative that we stick together and act in solidarity!
Our festival cinemas offer various opportunities for film and cinema lovers to show their support and solidarity:

(1) Become a Patron Member  

By becoming a patron member of the Fliegende Volksbühne, culture lovers can support this non-profit organisation financially with an annual donation. By acquiring a chair sponsorship, it is possible to immortalise yourself in the Cantate Hall, a listed building, and at the same time support the work of the Volksbühne.

Support it? You bet! https://volksbuehne.net/unterstuetzen-foerdern

(2) Donations or Sponsoring

A donation for non-profit institutions such as the Fliegende Volksbühne or the Mal Seh'n Cinema is a great help for those working in the cultural sector to cover costs, especially during this time. More information about donations & sponsoring can be found at: 



(3) Vouchers

The Mal Seh'n Cinema as well as the Arthouse Cinemas Frankfurt can be supported by purchasing "Corona Solidarity Vouchers". Just send us an e-mail and look forward to your first visit to the cinema after the Corona period!

Mal Seh'n Cinema: http://www.malsehnkino.de/  

Arthouse Cinemas Frankfurt: https://www.arthouse-kinos.de/service-info/gutscheine/

(4) Filmkultur Online - Digital Offerings

On its homepage, the DFF - Deutsches Filminstitut & Filmmuseum provides an archive of videos, virtual exhibitions, and film blogs for film enthusiasts of all ages, free of charge. Film culture to enjoy at home!  

Click here for the DFF's online services: https://www.dff.film/coronavirus/

LICHTER loves cinema and shares the revenues of its online festival LICHTER-On-Demand with festival cinemas and distributors. Because now the following applies to everyone: Love Cinema? Help Save the Cinema!