26. ‐ 31.03.2019

Ticket Sale Is Now Open

As of now you can purchase cinema tickets for the 11th LICHTER Filmfest. Depending of where the film is screened and the film duration, prices for showings vary between 7,00 EUR and 9,50 EUR. Please find the exact details, including any price reductions, from the pre-sale website and the overview below. Special presentations and special events may vary in price.Please infer the specifics 

Please note: Should the online contingent of tickets be exhausted, there will still be tickets available at the box office.

As usual, we also offer our ticket bundles of 3 and 5 for the festival again. The price categories are:

  • ticket bundle of 3 // 25,00 EUR 
  • ticket bundle 3 reduced // 21,00 EUR 
  • ticket bundle of 5 // 38,00 EUR 
  • ticket bundle of 5 reduced // 33,00 EUR

Please note: When buying ticket bundles, you will have to choose your films immediately. Our programme is not completed yet. There will be more films available during the next days. We will keep you informed on our website and on our social media channels.

We are also going to offer trade visitor accreditations and student passes this year. Further information and prices can be found here shortly. 

Further, it's now also possible to redeem the Early Bird Tickets. 

You will also find the pre-sale for individual films via the link on the program website.

Special conditions: Tickets for the screenings at our partner cinema filmklubb Offenbach are only available at the box office (9.50 EUR regular // 8.50 EUR reduced). For this reason the screenings are also excluded from the 3 and 5 tickets. Thank you for your understanding. 

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