22.04. ‐ 27.04.2025

LICHTER Light Rider // Bumper Car Film Theatre

We made it! The first bumper car cinema in the world opens right in time for the 11th LICHTER film festival. Many, many thanks go to our supporters and fans who supported the project financially during the campaign, but also shared the news across social media and by word-of-mouth. Without YOU, our project would have been impossible to achieve.

Additional thanks go to the crowdfunding initiative “Kulturmut" hosted by the Aventis Foundation, who gave us a platform for our small but successful collection in the first place – and, more importantly, added additional funds into the pot. Now nothing’s standing in the way of fun crash-car-cinema!

The ride tokens are ordered already. Starting early April, we can then officially say: 

“Step right up, don’t be shy! The next ride is about to go, come on in or you’ll be too late – to the first bumper car cinema in the world!”