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Alle reden übers Wetter

Annika Pinske

Clara is 39 years old and doing a PhD in philosophy in Berlin. She has mastered the art of rhetoric, conducts research into Hegel and spends what little time remains with her patient teenage daughter Emma who occasionally visits Clara in her flat share in Kreuzberg. And then there’s also the secret affair with one of her students. An undoubtedly challenging life between success, fulfillment, and efficiency. There may be much she thinks about, but not everything by a long shot.

This changes when Clara travels with her daughter to rural Mecklenburg for her mother’s birthday. Suddenly, her past returns and with it the question of how it feels to return to one’s childhood home. All the feelings of nostalgia, but also the long-forgotten conflicts with the villagers that she once left behind for her ambitions and thirst for knowledge. Back in Berlin, Clara senses that it might not be herself who will fulfill her desire for freedom completely, but most likely her daughter’s generation.

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Direction Annika Pinske
Country Germany
Year 2022
Duration 89 min
Language Original language
Production Luise Hauschild, Annika Pinske, Deutsche Film-und Fernsehakademie Berlin
Co-production New Matter Films; pennybooth production; Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg (rbb)
Cast Anne Schäfer, Judith Hofmann, Marcel Kohler, Anne-Kathrin Gummich, Max Riemelt, Sandra Hüller u.a.
Camera Ben Bernhard
Script Annika Pinske
Editing Laura Lauzemis
Sound Matthias Rupp
Sound Design Rainer Gerlach

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About the director

Director Annika Pinske has worked for the theatre director René Pollesch and as an assistant to Maren Ade (Toni Erdmann). In 2011, she began studying directing at the German Film and Television Academy Berlin. Her short films were shown around the world and won awards, such as “Spielt keine Rolle” (nominated for the Deutscher Kurzfilmpreis 2015) and “Homework” (winner of the Deutscher Kurzfilmpreis 2016).

72nd Berlinale – Panorama

Press Reviews

Alle reden übers Wetter is a film which steals your heart and takes your breath away by forcing its way with striking insight into a place where it becomes openly perceptible what it means to search for a family, to make parents proud, to make superiors proud, to belong to a home or at least to a profession; all in all to do everything just to not be so lost.“ (Kino-Zeit)

Hessian premiere

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