For a New Beginning in German Film

The Initiative Zukunft Kino und Film presents its concept for a fundamental reform of film funding.

Since its foundation in 2020, the Initiative Zukunft Kino und Film has been committed to film culture in Germany and to improving the production and reception conditions of German film. We, an association of currently nine associations and institutions, a representative cross-section of the film industry, strive for constructive dialogue and exchange with all institutions and actors of the German film scene. Our demands and proposals are based on various impulses from this exchange, starting from the Frankfurt positions, in which more than 100 industry participants participated in 2018.

In large parts of the industry, the realisation has prevailed that a fundamental new beginning is necessary for the German film funding system. The obvious economic and artistic existential crisis of German film, even before the pandemic, demands new strategies and mechanisms - and this as quickly as possible.

After extensive discussions and consultations, we propose a fundamentally changed German film funding system for this purpose.

The jointly drafted concept can be accessed by clicking on the button below.

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