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8th VR Storytelling Award - 2024

This year, the 8. VIRTUAL REALITY STORYTELLING AWARD will take place: Not only will 360° films be shown in our international competition - for the first time, there will also be interactive VR experiences with which you can dive even deeper into virtual worlds. The VR INTERACTIVE STORYTELLING AWARD will be awarded by a top-class jury (Franziska Nori/Frankfurter Kunstverein, Sebastian Oschatz/meso.design and Philip Hausmeier/Hochschule Darmstadt), and the prize for the best VR film, the VR 360 STORYTELLING AWARD, will be awarded by you, our audience, just like last year.

The VR screenings and the interactive VR exhibition will take place at the Festival Center Massif Central. 

VR-SCREENINGS (tickets online and on site)

TU+FRI, 18.+19. APRIL 6 PM | 9 PM
SA, 20. APRIL 2 PM | 5 PM PM | 8 PM
SUN 21. APRIL 1 PM | 4 PM

Opening hours VR-EXHIBITION (free of charge)

TU, 18. APRIL 2-8 PM
FR+SA, 19.+20. APRIL 12 AM - 8 PM
SUN 21. APRIL 12-18 UHR

The finalists of the LICHTER VR 360 Storytelling Award 2024 are:

Animated Film, Serbia 2023, OV (English), Direction: Milos Tasic, Playtime: 7 Min.

Soil of Namib: VR
Documentary, Germany 2023, OmeU, Direction: Christian Zipfel, Playtime: 18 min.

Drive Away
Short Film, Germany 2023, OV (English), Direction: Luise Palloks, Mascha Ermakova, Playtime: 5 min.

21-22 China
Short Film, Canada 2022, OV (English), Direction: Thierry Loa, Playtime: 23 min.

Documentary, India/USA 2023, OV (English), Direction: Carol Liu, Playtime: 9 min.

The finalists of the LICHTER VR Interactive Storytelling Award 2024 are:

Documentary, Netherlands/USA/Turkey 2023, OV (English), Direction: Sister Sylvester, Deniz Tortum, Playtime: 18 min.

JFK Memento
Documentary, France/USA 2023, OV (English), Direction: Chloé Rochereuil, Playtime: 36 min.

Die wenige Zeit
Animated Film 2024, Germany 2024, OmeU, Direction: Christian Zipfel, Playtime: 20 min.

The finalists of the LICHTER VR 360 Storytelling Award 2024

Animation, Serbia 2023, original language, Director: Milos Tasic, Length: 7 min.

"How do I cook potatoes?" With such and similarly existential questions, the increasingly annoyed AI Oneiro must grapple with every second, coming from its human users. In its inner monologue, filled with strong profanity, which we are allowed to listen to in Oneiro, we learn a lot about the perspective of Artificial Intelligence on us humans. Even our complete extinction to protect the planet is considered, but quickly dismissed, because we are far too interesting... for now.

The restless, exceedingly candid stream of thoughts from Oneiro unfolds in a colorful fever dream that overwhelms us on a visual level as well. Don't forget to buckle up!


Milos Tasic studied at the University of Belgrade's Faculty of Dramatic Arts and the University of Niš's Faculty of Applied Arts. With a Master's degree in Film and Television Production and a Bachelor's degree with honours in Graphic Design, Miloš Tasić combines a wide range of skills and is active in the fields of directing, editing, visual effects, animation and sound design.

Soil of Namib: VR
Germany 2023, original language with English subtitles (Khoekhoegowab, Englisch), Director: Christian Zipfel, Length: 18 Min.

Soil of Namib: VR is a three parts VR-documentary about illegal mining activities in Namibia that has originated in German colonial histories. We will feature episodes 2 and 3, which shed light on the historical contexts by having us take a risky descent in claustrophobic quarters with a group of miners in search of diamonds.


Christian Zipfel studied film directing at the ifs Cologne. During his studies, he realised his first feature film "Magadan - City Built on Bones" about former Soviet prison camps in Siberia. His graduation film "Der einsame Hof" premiered in competition at the 62nd International Film Festival Oberhausen and was nominated for the "First Steps" award. Christian continued his studies in documentary film directing at the Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF. He directed films on the German colonial crimes in Namibia for the Federal Foreign Office. Simultaniously, he developed an interest in new media formats. His VR work "ROOMS" was nominated for the Black Lion at the 75th Venice Film Festival.

Since his graduation, Christian has been working as a freelance director and author, including a volumetric testimony of Holocaust survivors.

Drive Away
Short film, Germany 2023, original language, Director: Luise Palloks, Mascha Ermakova, Length: 5 min.

A fate representing millions of refugees: A young woman attempts to flee her war-torn country by car. Short text messages from her worried father accompany her on her journey through Ukraine, heading towards the safety of the EU border. A silent film against forgetting, because a war still rages just a car journey away from us.


Luise Palloks is a 3D artist with a focus on immersive works, Mascha Ermakova is a game designer who incorporates her interest in classical painting into her visual concepts.

21-22 CHINA
Short film,
Canada 2022, original language (English), Director: Thierry Loa, Length: 23 Min.

No country in the world has experienced a more dramatic transformation in the last few decades than China. Skyscraper complexes have shot up from the ground like mushrooms, and state-of-the-art architecture is lined up next to enormous industrial plants that have a seemingly immeasurable hunger for resources. 21-22 CHINA documents this development in atmospheric, fantastically-filmed aerial shots. We glide over landscapes that have been transformed beyond recognition - there it is, then; the Anthropocene, in all its oppressive glory.


Through her work, Thierry Loa explores various visual and media disciplines. Her projects include video installations, narrative films, interactive cinema, design for new media and photography.

India/USA 2023, original language (English), Director: Carol Liu, Length: 9 Min.

On the shores of the river Ganges lies Varanasi, one of the oldest metropoles in the world. Though the river is still revered as a life-giving deity in public ceremonies, it also serves as a large waste dump. The Ganges is one of the largest plastic polluters of the world's oceans. A group of women take on the arduous task of cleaning up the trash. As members of the lowest caste, they receive neither support nor attention in their task.


Carol Liu is a filmmaker and entrepreneur specialising in immersive experiences. She is particularly interested in the untold stories of women and marginalised people, whom she wishes to give a voice through her productions.

The finalists of the LICHTER VR Interactive Storytelling Award 2024

Animation, Germany 2024, Original with English subtitles (German), Director: Christian Zipfel, Length: 20 min.

Margot Friedländer, a survivor of the Theresienstadt concentration camp, allows us to share in her haunting memories of the time of Jewish persecution in Nazi Germany within a short period. Her poignant narratives are accompanied by elaborate reconstructions of the sites of memory. For this project, Miss Friedländer herself was three-dimensionally recorded by a complex camera system from the Konrad Wolf Film University, giving us the feeling of standing directly opposite her. An important contribution against forgetting, for all of us now and for all those yet to come.


Christian Zipfel studied film directing at the ifs Cologne.
During his studies, he realised his first feature film "Magadan - City Built on Bones" about former Soviet prison camps in Siberia. His fictional historical graduation film "Der einsame Hof" premiered in competition at the 62nd International Film Festival Oberhausen and was nominated for the "First Steps" award. After transferring to the Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF he studied documentary film directing. He made films about German colonial crimes in Namibia for the Foreign Federal Office. Simultaniously, he developed a special interest in new media and eventually directed the VR work "ROOMS", which was nominated for the Black Lion at the 75th Venice Film Festival.
Since graduating, Christian has been working as a freelance director and author. Since 2021, he has been working on a volumetric testimony of Holocaust survivors.

Netherlands/USA/Turkey 2023, OV (English), Director: Sister Sylvester, Deniz Tortum, Length: 18 min.

In Shadowtime we are witnessing two worlds by inhabiting two bodies at the same time: one firmly rooted in the real world, the other disembodied and can freely move through space and time. Fortunately, as the narrator of this exhilarating VR-Experience has found out, there is only one real world and therefore we must take serious care of it.

Shadowtime skillfully relates the history of virtual reality technology to questions regarding the imminent danger of the media, such as manipulation and shifts of perspectives that draw attention away from the urgent problems of our time.


Sister Sylvester is a performance and film maker who is also an occasional amateur microbiologist.
She works with new technologies to develop interdisciplinary inter-species collaborations, essay films and lecture performances.

Deniz Tortum
works in the field of film and immersive media. His work has screened internationally at festivals such as Venice Film Festival, SxSW, IFFR, IDFA, Sheffield Doc/Fest, Hot Docs, True/False and Dokufest. He has been a researcher focusing on immersive media at the MIT Open Documentary Lab and the MIT Transmedia Storytelling Initiative. In 2019, he was featured in Filmmaker Magazine's "25 New Faces of Independent Film".

Documentary, France/USA 2023, OV (English), Director: Chloé Rochereuil, Length: 36 min.

The interactive documentary utilizes and combines elaborate techniques to reconstruct the events during and after the assassination of US President John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963. Interviews with eyewitnesses, restored and processed video material in 3D, as well as photogrammetric reconstructions of the locations, create a fascinating kaleidoscope of history and invite immersion. The past has rarely felt so vivid.


Chloé Rochereuil is a director and the co-founder of TARGO, a studio specialising in virtual reality documentaries. She teaches at Sciences Po School of Journalism and is one of the leading voices in VR journalism in Europe. Among many other awards, Rochereuil received the audience award at the 2019 Lumiere Awards for "The Wings of Mosul".


© Jessica Schäfer

Sebastian Oschatz

Sebastian Oschatz is co-founder and creative director at MESO (https://MESO.DESIGN). Through MESO, he supports museums, institutions and companies in the development of pioneering digital communication solutions and advises on the interface between communication, architecture and technology. He studied computer science, initiated the development of the graphical programming language VVVV and is an honorary professor for interaction design in the Department of Design at HfG Offenbach.

Philip Hausmeier

Professor Philip Hausmeier is head of the Augmented and Virtual Reality Design course at Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences. As a freelance artist and designer, he has been showing his work in international exhibitions for two decades and is represented in various collections. He is also co-founder of Radiance VR, an international online platform for artistic VR experiences.

© Norbert Miguletz

Franziska Nori

Franziska Nori (born 1968) has headed the Frankfurt Art Association since November 2014. Between 2007 and 2014 she was director of the Centro di Cultura Contemporanea Strozzina at the Palazzo Strozzi in Florence after she headed the digital art department at the Museum of Applied Arts in Frankfurt from 2000 to 2003. Nori has been Honorary Professor of Museology and Curatorial Practices of Contemporary Art at Marist University Lorenzo de Medici since 2011.

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