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The LICHTER Art Award

The LICHTER Filmfest Frankfurt International has been celebrating independent local and international filmmaking since its beginning in 2008. Alongside annual competitions of short and feature films, the festival presents a quality program on international contemporary video art.

Curated by Saul Judd since 2010, the visual arts section started with the exhibition “stimulus kino – subliminal cinema,” focusing on the use of cinematic reference as a strategic technique in (and of) contemporary art. Among the participants of this first edition were Mike Bouchet, artist from New York now based in Frankfurt, and Keren Cytter, born in Israel, based in New York. Both Cytter and Bouchet had formerly been represented at the 53rd Venice Biennale in 2009.

An international jury chooses five finalists whose works will be shortlisted and exhibited during the LICHTER Filmfest. The winner, also appointed by the jury, will be honored with the LICHTER Art Award, a prize endowed with 1,000 Euro.

In 2011 the LICHTER Art Award was officially founded, inviting artists from all over the world to create a regular international competition accompanying the film festival. The award aims to gather and present exceptional artistic works in the contemporary field of visual arts. In 2011 Luciana Lamothe (Argentina) was recognised for her outstanding piece “Caja Tarro Silla Marco,” in 2012 Oliver Husain (D/C) won the award for his installation “Dear What’s Your Face”, in 2013 John Skoog (S/D) won for his film “Sent på Jorden”, in 2014 Bertrand Flanet (F/D) won with his installation "Unmanned Distances", in 2015 Jonathan van Essche (B) won with his film "Second of August", in 2016 James N. Kienitz Wilkins (USA) won with his film "B-Roll with Andre", in 2017 Tobi Sauer (D) won with his video work “Simba in New York”, 2018 Jakob Engel (D) was the winner with his work “Waiting for record” and in 2019 Andrew de Freitas (BRA) was the winner with his work “WEIGHT”.

Finalists of the LAA 2020:

Constantin Hartenstein (D) NARC 2019

Florencia Levy (ARG) Fossil Place 2019

Pol Merchan (E/D) Pirate Boys 2018

Maria Molina Peiró (E/NL) The Sasha 2018

LAA19 / Saul Judd, Endre Aalrust, the winner Andrew de Freitas, jury members Christina Lehnert and Tamara Grcic (f.l.t.r.) © Photo by Semir Ben Ajili

Finalists of the LAA 2019

Endre Aalrust (NOR/D), Dear Deer, 2018 

Zanny Begg (AUS) The Beehive, 2018

Andrew de Freitas (CDN/BR), WEIGHT, 2018 - winner 

Natasha A. Kelly (DE) Milli's Awakening, 2018

Lisa Kori (USA), Three Minute Eggs, 2018 

LAA18 / jury member Sergey Harutoonian, the winner Jonathan Engel, finalists Ingel Vaikla, Gregorn Zahn and Saul Judd (f.l.t.r.).

Finalists of the LAA 2018:

Nikita Diakur (RU/DE), Ugly, 2017

Jakob Engel (DE), Waiting for Record, 2017 - winner 

Martin Kohout (CZ/DE) Slides, 2017

Ingel Vaikla (EE/BE), Roosenberg, 2017 

Gerald Zahn (A) Die Galerie /The Gallery, 2017

LAA17 / ceremony (f.l.t.r.): Saul Judd, Luzie Meyer, the winner Tobi Sauer, Fritz Laszlo Weber, jury member Olaf Stüber, Holger Jens, Stefan Ramírez Pérez. Photo by Avi Dehlinger © 2017

Finalists of the LAA 2017:

Holger Jenss (D), Last Chance Junction, 2016

Luzie Meyer (D), The Balcony, 2016

Stefan Ramírez Pérez (D), AS MUCH AS ANYONE, 2016

Tobi Sauer (D), Simba in New York, 2016 - winner

Fritz Laszlo Weber (D), making waves,,, unmastered, 2016

LAA16 / jury member Fabian Schöneich, the winner James N. Kienitz Wilkins, finalists Sita Scherer & Tina Schönfelder and Saul Judd (f.l.t.r.).

Finalists of the LAA 2016:

Zanny Begg,( AUS), 1001Nights, 2015


Yalitsa Riden (CAN), Shoreline, 2015

Sita Scherer and Tina Schönfelder (D), Ansichten, 2015 

James N. Kienitz Wilkins (USA), B-ROLL with Andre, 2015 - winner 

LAA15 / The opening evening of the LICHTER Art Award 2015: Finalists Mandy Krebs, Ayla Pierrot Arendt, Anna Zett, the winner Jonathan Van Essche and the team Saul Judd, Alla Poppersoni and Simon Schmidt (f.l.t.r.).

Finalists of the LAA 2015:

Ayla Pierrot Arendt (D), GESPIELIN, 2014

Jonathan Van Essche (B), The Second of August, 2014 - winner

Mandy Krebs (D), Heritage Creek, 2014 

Alina Vasilchenko (RUS), I Like Going To Pet Stores, 2014 

Anna Zett (D), This Unwieldy Object, 2014

LAA14 / Saul Judd, the winner Bertrand Flanet and jury members Karola Gramann and Peter Gorschlüter at VAU. Photo by Avi Dehlinger © 2014

Finalists of the LAA 2014:

Clémentine Coupau (F), Louve, 2013 

Andrew de Freitas (NZ/ CDN), Fuckmeadows, 2013

Bertrand Flanet (F/D), Unmanned Distances, 2013 - winner 

Murray Gaylard (ZA/D), Drinking Tea in Russia, 2013

Luiz Roque (BR), Ano Branco, 2013

LAA13 / jury members Felix Ruhöfer and Saul Judd and the LICHTER Art Award winner John Skoog. Photo by Avi Dehlinger © 2013.

Finalists of the LAA 2013:

Etienne de France (F), Tales of Sea Cow, 2012

Jennifer Gelardo (USA) and Iván Robles Mendoza (CHILE), translate : skepticism, 2013

Lena Grewenig (D), l'oeil/das Auge, 2012

Henrike Naumann (D), Triangular Stories, 2012 

 John Skoog (S/D), Sent på Jorden, 2011 - winner

LAA12 / award ceremony with the finalist Yuki Kishino, Clemens Wilhelm, Young Joo Lee, Sabine loew and the jurors Mike Bouchet, Saul Judd, Sophie von Olfers and the parents of the winner Oliver Susain  (who was not present) (f.l.t.r.).

Finalists of the LAA 2012

Oliver Husain (D/CA), Dear What´s Your Face, 2010 - winner 

Yuki Kishino, (JAP), The distance between one and another, 2012

Young Joo Lee (KOR), EXPOSURE (The Twins), 2012

Sabine Loew, (D), Maikäfer flieg!, (D), 2006-12

Clemens Wilhelm (D), READ ME, 2011

LAA11 / far left: Luciana Lamothe, the winner of the 1st LICHTER Art Award. Far right Jurors Saul Judd and Matthias Ulrich / photo by Jean Wlodarski © 2011

Finalists of the LAA 2011:

Mario Asef (ARG/D), Börsianer/The Operators, 2009

Luciana Lamothe (ARG) Caja Tarro Silla Marco, 2011 - winner 

Hanna Hildebrand (CH/D), A Party With a Purpose, 2009

Jessica Sehrt (D), RealiTies, 2010

Rebecca Ann Tess (D), A Crime must be committed, 2010