22.04. ‐ 27.04.2025


Who doesn't know Queens Bohemian Rhapsody? For the LICHTER anniversary, we dressed up (or rather, glittered) and delivered a great performance in the best glam rock style (including self-irony). All in all a brilliant performance! A great performance! Our best performance yet...

DirectorBjörn Renner
IdeeGregor Maria Schubert 
ConceptGregor Maria Schubert, Johanna Süß, Kenneth Hujer 
CameraKnut Adass
Production Maren Burger, Philipp Mehler 
Hair & Make-UpBeate Bauer, Jan Bundil
Music Kenneth Hujer 
DocumentationElisa Grehl 
SoundValentin Drebes
Green Screen StudioBlue Chip Media
Sound Design Herold Studios 
WithAnnette Pulch, Annika Greenleaf, Diana Barbosa, Elisa Grehl, Gregor Maria Schubert, Johanna Süß, Jonas Wiemann, Kenneth Hujer, Marcela Aguilar Lopez, Maren Burger, Meghann Munro, Philipp Mehler und Saul Judd


The LICHTER Filmfest has always been a great community project, unthinkable without the team and all the volunteers. Therefore, for the 15th anniversary, a musical monument should be made, for LICHTER and its collective. Nothing easier than that, thought our all-rounder Kenneth Hujer, once singer of the Hamburg rock band Jenana, and wrote us a hit song in which the LICHTER team itself has its say - as a choir!

The song sings of the art of film with dignity and celebrates LICHTER with a wink and a long drawn-out "For 15 years". In passing, it refers to Charly Chaplin's film "Lichter der Großstadt" and thus reveals why the LICHTER Filmfest is called what it is. It also contains what a good pop song always needs: a secret Franz Kafka quote. Of course, a bit of local color should not be missing either: As a reverence to the Ultras of the Frankfurt Eintracht, the "U" is overemphasized with every "Frankfurt" in a scene-typical dissonant way.

The song was produced by Berlin house musician Marco Lölkes and mastered at Hamburg's Plätlin Mastering Studio by Fabian Tormin. The choir recording was mixed by our LICHTER youngster Valentin Drebes, who recorded it voice by voice together with Maren Burger and Jonas Wiemann.

By the way: For all music nerds there is a secret message hidden in the LICHTER song. For the rest of you: in the bridge the song changes to 7/8 time. 7+8=?

Since 15 years ...