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Bulb Fiction

Christoph Mayr

The struggle for climate protection is one of the key political challenges of our times. However, the specific measures taken by decision makers need to be put under scrutiny by a critical public. Bulb Fiction is an investigative documentary with a strong opinion on an important component of European climate policy: the prohibition of conventional light bulbs. It embarks on a painstaking search for clues for the less pleasant side effects of the so-called energy saving lamps which are commonly praised as the eco-friendly model of the future. Bulb Fiction does not shy away from controversy and raises urgent questions that cannot be ignored by decision makers. _Hesse Premiere. Featuring director Christoph Mayr and camera man Moritz Gieselmann._
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30 March 2012

20:00 h,

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Direction Christoph Mayr
Year D/A 2011
Duration 93 min
Production Thomas Bogner, Daniel Zuta
Camera Moritz Gieselmann

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