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David Sieveking

To vaccinate or not to? And if yes, when? David had never actually asked himself these questions. But when Jessica falls badly ill during her pregnancy with daughter Zaria right after a vaccination, they suddenly become relevant. Jessica utters concerns regarding the upcoming vaccinations of their daughter, leading to a conflict between the parents. This conflict results in a detailed and extensive filmic investigation which presents the newest scientific insights. As such, the film ultimately leads to a qualified recommendation relevant even for those that do not have concerns regarding current practices: Get vaccinated – but do it the right way! 

David Sieveking provides not only an important contribution to the debate on vaccinations, but also a view into the lives of a growing, culture-producing small family, in which personal projects are informed by everyday life. 

Originally from Friedberg, director David Sieveking was last present at LICHTER in 2013 with his documentary Vergiss Mein Nicht (Forget Me Not). We are excited to welcome him once more! Eingeimpft (Inoculated) was sponsored by HessenFilm and Media

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Direction David Sieveking
Year D 2017
Duration 95 min
Language German and other languages /w German Sub
Production Martin Heisler, FLARE FILM, Carl-Ludwig Rettinger, LICHTBLICK FILM
Camera Adrian Stähli
Script David Sieveking
Editing Catrin Vogt, Mirja Gerle

Presented by:

Hessian premiere

Regional Feature Film Program