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Enklava (Enklave)

Goran Radovanovic

We are used to being confronted with images from conflict and war zones on a daily basis. Yet in most cases they seem to be far, far away and due to their omnipresence in the media, are at risk of losing their effect on us. In *_Enclave_*, the director *Goran Radovanovic* finds a powerful and unusual perspective, which often goes unnoticed: a child’s point of view. As part of a Serbian enclave in Kosovo, little Nenad has to ride to school in an armored UN car every day. He is confronted with a country that by no means has come to terms with the events of its past and thus is constantly at risk of fresh escalation. The only hope for improvement lies in the forgiveness and convergence of a younger generation. This year, *_Enclave_* made a run for an *Oscar nomination for Best Foreign Language Film* and benefited from a cooperation of Baden-Wuerttemberg and Hessian film subsidies. Part of the postproduction has been realized in Hesse, for example. *_Enclave_* has already enthralled the audiences of the *Montreal World Film Festival* as well as the *Monterrey International Film Festival* and has been awarded with the *Audience Award of the Moscow International Film Festival*. Director *Goran Radovanovic* on his work:_“I wanted to make an anti-war film based on the eternal and edifying story about forgiveness and love.”_ (Source: www.enklavafilm.com) *_Talk with Gaby Babić, Festival Director goEast_* *_In the presence of the director Goran Radovanovic._*

31 March 2016

20:30 h, Kino des DFF

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Direction Goran Radovanovic
Year SRB/D 2015
Duration 92 min
Language Original version with English subtitles
Production Nico Hain
Cast Filip Subaric, Denis Muric, Nebojsa Glogovac, Anica Dobra et al.
Camera Axel Schneppat
Script Goran Radovanovic
Editing Andrija Zafranovic

Rhine-Main Premiere