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Nico Sommer

Whereas the marriage of Maja and Uwe Rath bobs along in a boring routine, daughter Alina is freshly in love with Nico. And because the young couple are serious about each other, the parents must become acquainted. That the Ohnsorg family lives in a proper castle on the outskirts of Berlin is only a problem for Uwe because Maja is facing an entirely different one: Papa Ohnsorg turns out to be her secret lover Stefan. Neither of them is letting on anything and they are glad when the good-byes are finally approaching. However, Uwe's broken down car bestows the Ohnsorg and the Rath family with a weekend together, during which more than one bomb will be dropped. Nico Sommer, a LICHTER guest for the sixth time in 2014, has his characters philosophise and improvise in a confined space with a lot of wit about the interpersonal hurdles of the everyday. At the Max Ophüls Festival 2014, _Familienfieber_ was honoured with the Prime Minister of Saarland award.

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29 March 2014

06:00 h,

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Direction Nico Sommer
Country Germany
Year D 2014
Duration 80 min
Language Original German Version
Production süsssauer Filmproduktion in Kooperation mit Traumfängerfilm
Cast Kathrin Waligura, Peter Trabner, Deborah Kaufmann, Jörg Witte, Anais Urban, Jan Amazigh Sid
Camera Eugen Gritschneider
Script Daniel Fink

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Regional Premiere