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Forum Europe

Experts of Forum Europe and open for all interested parties

Host: Rüdiger Suchsland


The eye to Europe opens the perspectives of the Congress: International experts discuss the requirements of film production and –funding in their respective countries in different thematic blocks. The Forum aims to compare these insights to the situation in Germany and give possible impulses for future change in collaboration with the audience.

The event is held in the English language.

The experts:

  • The film critic and filmmaker Rüdiger Suchsland is considered one of the distinguished voices in the film political debate in Germany. Additionally to his work in media like the FAZ, Deutschlandfunk or the SWR, he is the director of two film-historic essay films (“Von Caligari zu Hitler” and “Hitlers Hollywood”)
  • Doris Bauer is the programme director in the international competition of the VS Vienna Shorts in Austria.
  • The filmmaker, director, camera man and author Fabian Eder is the director of the Austrian Filmmaker Association
  • The film- and TV producer Thomas Gammeltoft (inter alia “Stealing Rembrandt”, “Good People” and “Die Brücke”) leads the Copenhagen Film Fund in Denmark.
  • Andrew Higson is professor at the Department of Theatre, Film and Television of the University of York. His publications include “European Cinema and Television: Cultural Policy and Everyday Life“ and “British Cinema, Europe and the global reach for audiences“.
  • Christian Jungen is the head of culture at the “NZZ am Sonntag” as well as editor in chief at the film magazine “Frame”. Recently his biography “Moritz de Hadeln: Mister Filmfestival” was published. Jungen has been a film journalist for 24 years, awardee of the Prix Pathé for Filmpublicism and founding member of the Swiss Film Academy.
  • Roderik Smits is a research associate at the Department of Theatre, Film and Television of the University of York. His publications include “Film Distribution: A Changing Business“ and “Tournaments of Values at the European Film Market“.
  • Christoph Thoke (Mogador Film, Germany) acts as producer and co-producer for films such as “Little Senegal”, “Tropical Malady”, “Twentynine Palms”, “Kirgisische Mitgift”, “Bedways” and “Von Menschen und Pferden”.
  • The camera man Alex Traila in his function as consultant for EU-matters & foreign relations represents the Romanian Film Centre and is also EURIMAGES-representative for Romany at the Centrul National al Cinematograiei in Bucharest.

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