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Niko Apel

_World Premiere_ It’s not the headlines who explain a country, but its people. This applies particularly to the case of Iran. The young director Niko Apel from Frankfurt returns to this country after his award-winning debut film Sonbol (LICHTER 2009) and provides a unique and intimate portrait of four artists. He accompanies a children’s theater group not only to the rehearsals and the enervating meetings with the censorship commission, but also on tour in the province. In the encounters between the actresses and actors and their enthusiastic young spectators, political and personal structures become visible: the regulation of public expression and representations of the body, and how traditions and social structures shape the emotional life of human beings. _National premiere. In presence of the director Niko Apel._

24 March 2013

19:45 h,

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Direction Niko Apel
Country 6
Year D/IR 2012
Duration 80 min
Language Farsi OmU
Production Jochen Laube
Camera Mathias Prause
Editing Julia Karg

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