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Ich sehe was, was du nicht siehst (I spy with my little eye)

Alexandra Nebel

It is summer time and so incredibly hot that Mia gets very upset when her mother tells her that they cannot go to the lake as promised. So Mia has to spend the day sitting in the kitchen with Ingo, the timid son of her mother’s friend. Playing “I spy with my eye” with him is just as boring because Mia always guesses the object he has in mind. But then more and more things in the kitchen seem to come to life and interact with the kids. Finally, Mia is in the middle of the sea, swimming through stormy waves on the kitchen table with Ingo, while the sun going down above the water offers a beautiful sight.

22 March 2013

14:00 h, Kino des DFF

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Direction Alexandra Nebel
Country Germany
Year 2011
Duration 10 min
Language Deutsch
Production Anna Raettig, Alexandra Nebel
Cast Kira Donner, Ueli Satuz, Nike Fuhrmann
Camera Anna Raettig
Script Alexandra Nebel
Editing Kevin Steiner