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Max Linz

The curator Asta Andersen has a vision: she wants to realise an exhibition entitled "The movie. The art.” She researches a lot in books, wearing trendy clothes and positions herself in human still lives of a cinematic aesthetics à la Nouvelle Vague and Fassbinder. The film of director Max Linz, who used to live in Frankfurt, is his graduation film at the Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie Berlin and was first presented to the public at the 64th Berlinale this year. The film-art-farce corresponds in its subject matter and aesthetic a zeitgeist with which those working in the cultural sector today could easily identify. It is about the problem of financing, the public and significance of their work. Snubbed by the local art scene in Berlin, the protagonist finally gets help from India. A conversation between the director Max Linz and the actresses Sarah Ralfs and Kerstin Grossmann will follow the screening. _The director Max Linz will be present_

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29 March 2014

08:00 h,

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Direction Max Linz
Country Germany
Year D 2014
Duration 84 min
Language German with english subtitles
Production Maximilian Haslberger
Cast Sarah Ralfs, Pushpendra Singh, Barbara Heynen, Kerstin Grassmann, René Schappach, Hannelore Hoger
Camera Carlos Andrés López
Script Max Linz
Editing Max Linz, René Frölke

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Regional Premiere