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Im Labyrinth des Schweigens

Giulio Ricciarelli

That someone does not know anything about Auschwitz seems impossible today, 70 years after the liberation of the concentration camp. End of the 50s, this was a bitter reality. Between petticoat and “Wirtschaftswunder” (the German economic miracle of the 50s, early 60s) to reappraise one’s own past is not on the agenda, too big is the desire for normality. In 1958, Rundschau editor Thomas Gnielka confronts the (fictitious) young Attorney Johann Radmann with files that prove the atrocities of the Nazis. A shock. Supported by the Attorney General Fritz Bauer, the search for truth becomes his ultimate goal in life. However, the web of repression, denial, guilt and lies weighs heavy. Giulio Ricciarelli’s debut, sponsored by HessenInvestFilm, is not only a monument to Fritz Bauer. The film tells the fascinating history of the preparations of the Frankfurt Auschwitz trials and thus processes a chunk of long suppressed German history. An important film against oblivion.

21 March 2015

15:30 h,

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Direction Giulio Ricciarelli
Year D 2014
Duration 123 min
Language German Original version
Production Uli Putz, Sabine Lamby, Jakob Claussen
Cast Alexander Fehling, André Szymanski, Friederike Becht, Johann von Bülow, Gert Voss u.a.
Camera Martin Langer, Roman Osin
Script Elisabeth Bartel, Giulio Ricciarelli

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