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h2. PRESENTATION *FILM INSTITUTIONS, ASSOCIATIONS AND SERVICES PRESENT THEMSELVES* *15:00 – 16:00 / MOUSONTURM (STUDIO 1)* *HESSENFILM UND MEDIEN:* The film funding body in Hesse covering screenplay, production preparation, talent promotion packages, production cinema / TV, production of debut and / or second films, production of academic graduation films in Hesse, post-production, rental and distribution, as well as screening support. *ZAV-KÜNSTLERVERMITTLUNG:* The special service provider of the Bundesagentur für Arbeit [Federal Agency for Work] for specialised labour markets. The ZAV brokers professional staff and technical positions. * BFFS-BUNDESVERBAND SCHAUSPIEL:* Represents the interests of actresses/actors in Germany. Since its founding in April 2006, the BFFS is now the largest association of the national film and television industry with about 3,000 members. The objectives of the BFFS include the creation of fair working conditions and reliable social standards, as well as the advancement, facilitation and safeguarding of artistic quality in education and production. Over the years, it has become responsible for all employed and freelance actresses/actors, as well as for all areas: stage, film, television and language. *CREW UNITED/SCHAUSPIELERVIDEOS:* Whoever works for film and television can not ignore Crew United and Schauspielervideos. As the largest and most relevant network in the German-speaking sector, Crew United offers the platform for all employees in front and behind the camera, production companies, service providers, agencies and more, for more than 20 years. Schauspielervideo has been in existence for 18 years and is practically indispensable when it comes to finding the right actresses/actors for the ideal cast of a film. *CREATIVE EUROPE DESK NRW:* One of four German MEDIA information offices and contacts for all questions concerning the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union (2014 – 2020). The office is located at the Film- und Medienstiftung NRW in Düsseldorf. Producers, distributors, game developers and other players from the audiovisual industry from NRW, Hesse, Rhineland-Palatinate and the Saarland will receive information on funding and support for the application process. *PENSIONSKASSE RUNDFUNK:* Pensions provider for freelancers of radio broadcasters and film and television production companies. With: *CATHERINE LIESER*, *CHRISTIANE LEONHARDT* and *LENA PEZZAROSSA*, Funding Advisors, HessenFilm and Medien / *SYBILLE STEINFARTZ*, Broker, Stab und Technik ZAV-Künstlervermittlung / *SIMONE WAGNER*, chairwoman, BFFS-Bundesverband / *URS CORDUA* and *DAVID ALTHAMMER*, Managing Directors, Schauspielervideos / *VINCENT LUTZ* and *OLIVER ZENGLEIN*, Managing Director, Crew United / *HEIKE MEYER-DÖRING*, Director, Creative Europe Desk NRW / *IRIS GEBING*, Head of Marketing and Communication, Pensionskasse Rundfunk.

h2. AFTERWARDS: CONSULTATION / INFORMATION STANDS *16 - 18:30 / MOUSONTURM / UPPER FOYER* *_NO REGISTRATION NEEDED_* *HESSENFILM UND MEDIEN* With: Catherine Lieser, Christiane Leonhardt and Lena Pezzarossa, Funding Advisors *FILM IN FRANKFURT / WIRTSCHAFTSFÖRDERUNG FRANKFURT GMBH – KOMPETENZZENTRUM KREATIVWIRTSCHAFT* With: Manuela Schiffner, Head of Centre of Competence for Creative Industries and Kathrin Ahrens, Project Manager for Creative Industries *ZAV-KÜNSTLERVERMITTLUNG* With: Sybille Steinfartz, Broker for staff / technology *BFFS-BUNDESVERBAND SCHAUSPIEL* With: Simone Wagner, Chairwoman *CREW UNITED* With: Vincent Lutz and Oliver Zenglein, Managing Directors *SCHAUSPIELERVIDEOS* With: Urs Cordua and David Althammer, Managing Directors *PENSIONSKASSE RUNDFUNK* With: Iris Gebing, Head of Marketing and Communication *CREATIVE EUROPE DESK NRW* With: Heike Meyer-Döring, Director

h2. IN THE FIELD OF TENSION BETWEEN CULTURAL AND COMMERCIAL EXPLOITABILITY *DISCURSIVE TALK* *16:30 – 18:00 / MOUSONTURM (STUDIO 2)* New media and formats are rapidly developing. Entire branches of the industry are changing and forming. New industries are emerging. What is the status quo and where is the path leading to? How to use VR technologies? What cultural status do they adopt, how to earn money with it? We have invited experts from the film, games and tech industry. Together with funding/supporting institutions, they will discuss the path that *VIRTUAL REALITY* content will take in the future.

31 March 2017

15:00 h,

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Year 2017
Language German

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