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International Shorts Truth


*_FOLLOWING TALK IN PRESENCE OF THE DIRECTORS_* h2. Change in the weather *_Germany Premiere_* *Feature Film, IRL 2015* *Dircetor: Muiris Crowley* *eng. OV* *Duration: 16 Min.* Michael, a very normal young man living in small village somewhere in Europe. He struggles to expose a long kept secret which will have a big impact on his life. h2. Only the future shall tell *_Germany Premiere_* *Feature Film, F 2015* *Director: Gilles Charmant* *frz. OmeU* *Duration: 23 Min.* Rainer Werner Fassbinder returns from a deep frozen state some years after his death and finds himself in France where he encounters some interesting people, some changes in social and political situation and some other surprises. 
From the program of the *Festival International de Contis*. h2. Journey of Wind *Feature Film, IRQ, 2015* *Director: Hawre Bahjat* *kurd. OmeU* *Duration: 7 Min.* Sex before marriage is still in many parts of the world a reason for the honor killing. A young Kurdish woman has to face the confrontation with her family. h2. EL CUENTO DE ANTONIA *_Germany Premiere_* *Feature Film, CH/C 2016* *Director: Jorge Cadena* *Spn. OmeU*, Duration: 30 Min. The young Antonia goes through a religious ritual in this remote fishing village in Columbia. But as free as she is she isn’t really believing in the old school rules of society and wants to choose her own path. Jorge Cadena’s graduation film is an important commentary on gender and institutionalized power. h2. Saatanan Kanit | Fucking Bunnies *_Germany Premiere_* *Feature Film, FIN 2016* *Director: Teemu Niukkane* *fin. OmeU* *Duration: 16 Min.* Raimo's comfortable suburban middle-class life is disturbed, when a Satan-worshipping sex cult becomes his next door neighbours. His wife tests his tolerance towards the new neighbours. When Raimo needs a partner to play squash, the only volunteer is the cult leader Maki.

30 March 2017

22:00 h, Mal Seh'n Kino

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Direction various
Year IRL/F/IRQ/CH/C/FIN 2015-2016
Duration 90 min
Language various languages
Production various
Cast various
Camera various
Script various
Editing various