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International Shorts

Pablo Muñoz Gómez, C.J. „Fiery“ Obasy, Tommaso Perfetti, Leni Gruber


Hessian Premiere

Direction: Pablo Muñoz Gómez

(Feature Film // BE/F 2017 // French Original with Engl. subtitles // Duration: 16 Min.)

The proud father of little Niko muddles through life doing odd jobs like delivering pizza or naked catering. His son's desire for an expensive backpack poses a challenge – economically as well as ideologically. Award winner of Prix Grand Action at Festival International de Contis.

With: Georges Siatidis, Nikolaos Sachas, Wim Willaert, Anne Paulicevich


Hello, Rain

Hessian Premiere

Direction: C.J. „Fiery“ Obasy

(Feature Film // NIG 2018 // Engl. OV // Duration: 30 Min.)

Thanks to magic wigs, three women discover supernatural powers. Can they resist the temptations of technology and Juju­magic? An afro­futuristic thriller out of Nigeria's finest film factory.

With: Keira Hewatch, Tunde Aladese, Ogee Nelson


Malo tempo 

Germany Premiere

Direction: Tommaso Perfetti

(Documentary // I 2018 // Original with English subtitles // Duration: 19 Min.)

A grounded small­time criminal in his parents' apartment: from this origin, Tommaso Perfetti develops the multifaceted and entertaining portrait of a versatile personality.

With: Luciano La Montagna


Hessian Premiere

Direction: Leni Gruber

(Feature Film // AT 2018 // Original with English subtitles // Duration: 20 Min.)

Antonia watches absurd movies on Youtube, visits her father, meets her friend, talks to her roommate. That is all that is necessary to illustrate one precise moment in life and to make a film as beautiful as a fine summer day.

With: Katharina Farnleitner, Rainer Egger, Valentin Postlmayr

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Direction Pablo Muñoz Gómez, C.J. „Fiery“ Obasy, Tommaso Perfetti, Leni Gruber
Year BE/F/NIG/I/AT 2017-2018
Duration 83 min
Language Engl. OV / Original with English subtitles
Production Various
Cast Various
Camera Various
Script Various
Editing Various
Sound Various
Music Various

International Shorts