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*Omas Dilemma* _(D 2013) 3 min_ *Editor: Daniel Seideneder* "And then Marina behaved cheeky against Miss Locher." That´s what it´s like in the neighborhood of Grandma Seideneder. Her Grandson Daniel made a short film documentation about this: 3 minutes about the shy Felix, an argument and a grandma, that´s most awake at night.

*7 Köpfe für den Henker* _(D 2013) 15:55 min_ *Editor: Lukas Rinker Before the title appears in the screen blood splashes. The hangman needs more heads. Bad luck for Sarah and her friends, who wanted to camp in the woods. How to get rid of a hangman in an armor? - Just use electricity. Does Sarah survive? - Well, we don´t care!

*Recently in the woods* _(D 2013) 1 min_ *Editor: Daniel van Westen* An unicorn and two ordinary horses show: Even horses can be assholes. - A course of animated mobbing!

*Déjà-moo* _(D 2013) 9:59 min_ *Editor: Stefan Müller* Paul needs some rest. He has a mom that goes on his nerves and drank to much to relax. And then a cow starts stalking him, an incapable paramedic and a psychedelic trip join the situation. Poor Paul, that´s an animated weekend-horror-trip!

*Der deutsche Märchenwald* _(D 2012/2013) 9:18 min_ *Editor: Norbert Enker* Once upon a time … a photographer left for a hardcore-experience in the woods. He did not want so see the ordinary. He was seeking for creatures. And so he encounters witches and wolfs, princesses and frogs. If he tried kissing one? Who knows...

*Ein Stock* _(D 2012) 1:35 min_ *Editor: Stefan Vogt* A stick. An animation. One Minute thirty-five - Nothing else to say!

*Re 50 Richtung Wächtersbach* _(D 2013) 6 min_ *Editor: Leslie Bauer* Wikipedia explains: "Suspense" a term in theatre-, film- and literature sciences. Comes from lat. suspendere („aufhängen“) and stands for a situation of uncertainity in order of a feared or desired event. Our explanation…? Just watch „RE 50 Richtung Wächtersbach“!

*Wo der Fluss als Meer erscheint* _(D/URU 2013) 18:51 min_ *Editor: Claudia Münch* You need to earn money to survive. That´s the same in Montevideo as it is in Frankfurt. The difference? The ocean, because the great pictures of this documentation show, how relaxing it is.

*Meine Beschneidung* _(D 2013) 17:06 min *Editor: Arne Ahrens* Travelling to Turkey for the own circumcision. That´s not what the 9-year old Ümit wants to think about. - And what about the audience? Well, if you face your fears, you will be able to conquer them.

_Rerun: Saturday, March 29th 2014 / 2 p.m. / Metropolis 2_

28 March 2014

10:15 h,

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