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Kurzzeithelden (Short Time Heroes)

Christine Wagner, Roman Gonther (zusätzliche Szenen)

The year is 2025. Captain Herc Heroes and his crew sets off for the first superluminal flight of mankind. All such prior attempts have ended in catastrophe. And this time again, not everything goes smoothly. The crew lands on a seemingly alien planet. But was this really an accident? And what plans does the dubious David Joshua pursue, who prior to becoming head of the space agency worked as a screenwriter? Some films need time and lots of time in order to come into the world. This is true especially for projects of the heart which come into being with the help of friends and acquaintances and for which professionals together with amateurs are passionately at work. *Christiane Wagner’s* science fiction adventure *_Kurzzeithelden_* is such a project. It took no less than 16 (!) years until the film was in the box, different film formats were joined, and special effects were edited again and again. This work is noticeable in every single picture and will be gladly discussed by the director subsequent to the showing. *_Kurzzeithelden_* has been playing at the *Hof International Film Festival* and the *Open World Toronto Film Festival*. Director *Christine Wagner* has worked as camera operator for Tatort and Ein Fall für Zwei, among others. About the originating process of her directing debut she says: _“The reasons why people engage in creative work always lie within themselves. It is not the message that has priority but the satisfaction of materializing or in other words visualize a piece of the inner self. The cause can be really trivial, for example it can be the desire to take the camera work into one’s own hands after working as a camera assistant for years. This is the reason for starting Kurzzeithelden 16 years ago. In hindsight I know today that every frame of the film stands for a moment of my life. Materials of most different quality had to be combined, laymen and professionals were brought together, inconsistent stories had to be worked out until they were coherent and made sense. Technology transformed faint pictures into high gloss and 3D-artists created worlds. Kurzzeithelden is my very personal biography. I am now releasing this movie into life. It will now write its own biography. Today I work as a camera woman.”_ *In the presence of Director Christine Wagner and her crew*

31 March 2016

22:00 h,

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Direction Christine Wagner, Roman Gonther (zusätzliche Szenen)
Year D 1999-2015
Duration 45 min
Language German OV
Cast Thomas Scharff, Hans-Dieter Brückner, Francesco Pahlevan, Stephanie Kellner u.a.
Camera Christine Wagner BVK
Script Olaf Lemitz, Thomas F. Gallasch

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