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Tolga Örnek

Labyrinth is set in the brutal world of espionage and counter-terrorism in the Near and Middle East, where a wave of attacks threatens to disrupt the balance of things. A group of Turkish intelligence officers find themselves in a race against organised crime in order to put a an end to terror. The co-producers Popp and Malzahn organised for a German special forces squad to storm their own house in the Niddastraße in Frankfurt. The visual effects were created at TVT in Frankfurt and HessenInvestFilm took over part of the financing. _Featuring co-producer Robert Malzahn and Sebastian Popp (Stoked Film)._
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31 March 2012

22:00 h,

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Direction Tolga Örnek
Year D/TR 2012
Duration 124 min
Language OmU
Production Tolga Örnek, Murat Dörtbudak / Co-Produktion: Stoked Film
Cast Timucin Esen, Meltem Cumbul, Sarp Akkaya

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