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Les amants réguliers

Philippe Garrel

Whenever somebody in Europe spoke of the revolutions of the past decades, they were usually referring to the 1968 revolution. In his almost epic portrait of this time, Philippe Garrel, himself a child of the revolutions in 68, illustrates the movement of politics into the private sphere. The year ‘68 appears as a fantasy on the one hand, but also as leaving a real mark in the lives of the young generation. In masterful, austere black and white images, Les amants réguliers tells of street fights, drugs, art and love, a state of emergency and life afterwards. The movie, which has never before been shown in German film theatres, was awarded the Silver Lion at the Venice festival in 2005 for best director. "Trailer":http://www.cinemovies.fr/bande-annonce-9913-29448.html.
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30 March 2012

22:00 h,

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Direction Philippe Garrel
Year F 2005
Duration 178 min
Language French original with subtitles
Cast Louis Garrel, Clotilde Hesme
Camera Wiliam Lubtchansky
Script Philippe Garrel, Marc Cholodenko, Arlette Langman

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