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Lisbeths letzte Reise

Thomas Carlé

The "final journey" – a euphemism, which tries to put death into words. What does death really mean? The Frankfurt filmmaker *Thomas Carlé* finds in his cinematic confrontation amazingly honest photos which give the viewer insights into a topic that could hardly be more intimate: The death of his parents. Restrained but almost unfiltered he shows the mental and physical deterioration of his father and his mother's self-sacrificing effort to accept the situation until she finds him dead. He shows Lisbeth's retirement, which is signed by the struggle with age and illness. About the happiness in brief moments. About the struggle for normality when the body no longer wants. About losing a loved one. About survival. About the survival of one’s personality. About struggle to let go and say goodbye. Until the last breath. *Thomas Carlé*, media professor in Darmstadt, de-glorifies our idea of slipping into a peaceful, final sleep when old. A relentlessly honest and touching, but especially courageous film about the last days, hours and minutes in one's life. *_Lisbeth's last journey_* is a through and through *Hessian production* by *Thomas Carlé* whose family comes from Usingen. In addition to his directing, camera and editing work, the music and sound editing also come from the *Rhine-Main* area.

3 April 2016

14:00 h,

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Direction Thomas Carlé
Country Germany
Year D 2016
Duration 79 min
Language German OV
Production Thomas Carlé
Cast Lisbeth Carlé, Heinrich Carlé, Sung-Hyung Cho, and others
Camera Thomas Carlé
Script Thomas Carlé
Editing Thomas Carlé