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Valeria Golino

Irene is thirty years old and is known to her patients as "Honey". She has made it her mission to help seriously ill people by providing them with illegal euthanasia. One day she meets the septuagenarian Grimaldi, who does not have any physical ailment, but would still like to ask for Irene's help. As a result, her work and her ideals are questioned. Actress Valeria Golinos’ (RAIN MAN) directorial debut opens up unfathomable depths and moral convictions falter. Jasmine Trinca as Irene lets her character brilliantly oscillate between compassion and cold-bloodedness. The drama from the LICHTER partner-region of Emilia Romagna questions, criticises and explains but primarily, the nuanced figures move one to see the world through their eyes. "ticket pre order":http://www.adticket.de/Lichter-Filmfestival-Shop.html?id=1432&format=raw&view=host&searchname=miele&searchlocation=&start_date=&end_date=

25 March 2014

08:00 h, CineStar Metropolis

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Direction Valeria Golino
Country 27
Year I/ F 2013
Duration 96 min
Language Italien original with English subtitles
Production Viola Prestieri, Riccardo Scamarcio
Cast Jasmine Trinca, Valeria Bilello, Carlo Cecchi
Camera Gergely Pohárnok
Script Valeria Golino, Francesca Marciano, Valia Santella

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Regional Premiere