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Panel Discussion: New Formations – New Producers

Panel Discussion: New Formations – New Producers


Mehmet Akif Büyükatalay (Produzent filmfaust), Luise Hauschild (Filmproduzentin New Matter Films), Jana Kreissl (Filmproduzentin Silva Film)

Moderation: Anna de Paoli

The fact that every experiment of interest is carried out at one's own expense can be applied to artistic work just as much as to producing activities. Young companies with a declared artistic orientation usually move in a field of tension between promise and risk. Their films, which are often made in collective structures or in international collaboration, distinguish themselves in the tight competition for visibility and new opportunities.

Almost invisible, however, are the considerable entrepreneurial risks that young companies are taking more than ever in these unsteady times. We ask their founders: What drives you? What materials do you take on? How do you exercise producer responsibility? Where do you find allies? Does the current transformation of the market open up new spaces for you? How free are you to experiment - and what does it cost you?

12 May 2022

15:00 h,

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Duration 90 min
Language German

Congress Future German Cinema