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Paper Cut Films by Edeltraud Engelhardt + "The OhOhOhs” live

Edeltraud Engelhardt

*_Edaltraud Engelhardt’s Welt der Schatten_* (Director: Heiko Arendt // Documentary // D 1998 // Running Time: 13 mins.)_ *_Perpetuum Mobile_* _(BRD, 1972 // Running Time: 4’50 min.)_ *_Äpfel_* _(BRD, 1973 // Running Time: 8 min.)_ *_Das Fest_* _(BRD, 1975 // Running Time: 8’50 min.)_ *_Von dem Fischer und siner Fru_* _(BRD, 1977 // Running Time: 15 min.)_ *_Zwerg Nase_* _(BRD, 1985 // Running Time: 27 min.)_ *With an introduction by Heiko Arendt* _(director of the documentary on E. Engelhardt)_ Inspired by the virtuosic work of *Lotte Reiniger*, whose paper cut films are considered as groundbreaking in the development of the silhouette, Frankfurt filmmaker *Edeltraud Engelhard* realized overall five silhouette animation films between 1972 and 1985. Shot in the Normal 8, Super 8 and 16mm formats in an animation studio that was installed in her house specifically for this purpose, her fairytale feature films are thoroughly thought through. Enriched with socially critical as well as satirical allusions and partly set in a historical Frankfurt setting, the black shadows speak their very own language. In a unique cooperation with Frankfurt two-man formation *“The OhOhOhs”*, LICHTER presents the complete works of the paper cut artist with live music. Crossing musical borders, the duo shapes its individual style from different musical genres. Here, the sound world of classic and romance encounters the repetitive club music and diversity of rhythm from Cuba. The lacy structures of the silhouettes go hand in hand with the musical language of this project. *Percussions:* Florian Dreßler *Grande Piano:* Florian Wäldele

1 April 2016

22:00 h,

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Direction Edeltraud Engelhardt
Year D 1998
Editing Edeltraud Engelhardt

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With live music by “The OhOhOhs”