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Ali Samadi Ahadi

After Sven Nordqvist's world-famous children's book series, another adventure with the unequal friends arrives in the cinemas as a mixture of real and animated film. In a quiet village somewhere in Sweden, the grumpy Pettersson, who whiles away his time fishing and inventing all sorts of useful and useless stuff, feels a bit lonely. This changes on the day when his neighbour Beda presents him with a tomcat that, to Pettersson's delight, can talk as well. From now on, the lively Findus keeps the old man on his toes with thousands of ideas - in a carefully decorated backdrop that is teeming with bright colours and playful details. The cat Findus was brought to life by the 2012 Oscar-winning animation experts from the Frankfurt Studio Pixomondo. We are particularly pleased to welcome a Pixomondo member of staff at the E-Kinos, who will introduce our wonderful audience to the world of animation. *Animation: Pixomondo Studio Frankfurt* *FSK: 0* *Tickets:* "E-Kinos":http://www.cineplex.de/frankfurt/

30 March 2014

03:00 h,

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Direction Ali Samadi Ahadi
Country Germany
Year D 2014
Duration 90 min
Language German Version
Cast Ulrich Noethen, Marianne Sägebrecht, Max Herbrechter,
Script Sven Nordqvists

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Children's Film Festival Premiere