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Neto Villalobos

Guard Chalo’s life is straightforward: Together with a colleague, he guards a warehouse under the strict supervision of his boss. The two security men fill their vacuous time with firing exercises, discussions about the Bible and repeated attempts to get an old TV up and running. But there is a yearning in Chalo’s heart, which he tries to satisfy with the purchase of a fighting cock. When he buys the magnificently feathered Rocky, Chalo’s life gets a meaning, but also a crucial problem: Whereto with the animal? Rocky in tow, he is looking for a new lodging, meeting numerous acquaintances along the way, for example an overweight student and the energetic Avon saleswoman Candy. Neto Villalobos unfolds at a slow pace, yet with great skill and a bizarre sense of humour, the portrait of a quirky community in a rather drab South American suburb.

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30 March 2014

06:00 h, Mal Seh'n Kino

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Direction Neto Villalobos
Country Costa Rica
Year Costa Rica 2013
Duration 85 min
Language Spanish with English subtitles
Production Kris de Meester, Raj Kosaraju
Cast Marvin Acosta , Allan Cascante, Sylvia Sossa
Camera Nicolás Wong
Script Neto Villalobos
Editing Neto Villalobos

German Premiere