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Vallo Toomla

*SOUND*: Vladimir Golovnitski h2. SUPPORTING FILM: JOANNE Art film, UK, 2016 Eng. OV *DIRECTOR*: Simon Fujiwara *Duration*:14 min. Joanne, model and teacher, is a chameleon. But when her private semi-nude photos went public, this very talented woman came simply to be known as 'the topless teacher'. Together with her former student, artist Simon Fujiwara, she seeks to reclaim her reputation through social media and branding tactics. Shifting between advertising and portraiture, this meta-narrative on identity manages to infuse playfulness in its layered commentary on who you are and how you're perceived. h2. Pretenders The relationship between Anna and Juhan has long been on the brink. Professionally moderately successful and in their mid-thirties, the two are as repelled by their own averageness as well as by the quirks of one another. For a beach holiday as a pair, they stay in the vacation home of well-to-do friends. The accidental encounter with a cash-stricken couple camping nearby releases Anna and Juhan from their hard to endure togetherness. They invite their new acquaintances to their place and pretend to be the owners of the holiday house. They are increasingly taking a liking to their role and are egging each other on. An intimate psychodrama unfolds, for Anna and Juhan do not know the guests with whom they got involved with to test their newly gained vitality. _"A cool, cutting debut with a nervous home-invasion thriller."_ Guy Lodge, Variety _"Pretenders is a psychologically and artistically ambitious first feature by a director worth keeping an eye on."_ Tristan Priimägi, Cineuropa

1 April 2017

18:00 h, Kino des DFF

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Direction Vallo Toomla
Year EST/LVA/LTU 2016
Duration 102 min
Language Estonian with English subtitles
Camera Erik Pöllumaa
Script Livia Ulman, Andris Feldmanis
Editing Danelius Kokanauskis