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Regional Shorts I


*_Mitfahrer (Passenger)_* _(Director: *Andreas Kessler, Stephan Kämpf, Daniela Schramm-Moura* // D 2015 // Dauer: 7:29 Min.)_ Starting in Vienna, Tom and Janine want to cross the border to go on vacation. To offer someone a lift? Shouldn’t be a problem, they agree … Until a fellow passenger knocks at their door - along with the current affairs. What if he is from Gambia? *In the presence of director Stephan Kämpf*

*_Der gekerbte Raum aus Stein gegen ein Ideal aus Glas [The notched space from stone against an ideal of glass]_* _(Director: *Brenda Lien* // D 2015 // Dauer: 14:24 Min.)_ With this furiously lavish experimental animation film Brenda Lien poses the all deciding question: Rather float with the current or take up position?

*_Smartphones verändern den Menschen [Smartphones change humans]_* _(Director: *Katharina Guenther* // D 2014 // Dauer: 1:04 Min.)_ LICHTER Filmfest Frankfurt International@Kantatesaal: Few objects of daily use shape our everyday life as evidently as the cell phone - #real heroes of the cinema disconnect ;)

*_Metamorphose [Metamorphosis]_* _(Director: *Bastian Betz* // D 2014 // Dauer: 1:30 Min.)_ Sighing, a homeless clay figure prepares itself for the night. A sleeping bag is supposed to provide cover and indeed everything changes once wrapped up. But the dream does not last for long.

*_Hundeleben [A dog’s life]_* _(Director: *Gunter Deller* // D 2014 // Dauer: 5:18 Min.)_ Cinderella and the big dog. A housekeeper who is letting herself go and a big shot’s yapping dog get in each other’s way. But perhaps this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

*_Killer Instinct_* _(Director: *Gunter Deller* // D 2014 // Dauer: 5:18 Min.)_ Man and his loyal companion: the dog. Secretly Gunter Deller observes this special pairing and provides an insight into this symbiotic, curious, and slightly disturbing relationship.

*_A Place to Fight_* _(Director: *Matthias Lawetzky* // D 2015 // Dauer: 14:17 Min.)_ Thoughtfully and unprejudiced, this film approaches the archaic Philippine tradition of cockfighting and its meaning for culture and community. *In the presence of director Matthias Lawetzky*

*_The old man and the bird_* _(Director: *Dennis Stein-Schomburg* // D 2015 // Dauer: 7:12 Min.)_ An old man lives in a secluded forest cabin. It withstands wind and bleakness, but in Roland Fischer’s parable on the Sein a snowstorm blusters and blows a robin against the old man’s window…

*_Battlefields_* _(Director: *Gunter Deller* // D 2014 // Dauer: 3:21 Min.)_ Stomping feet in time, a meadow tramped down, and electronic beats. With a light smile the film depicts rave culture as it has not been seen yet.

*_Der geheimnisvolle Vulkanmann [The mysterious volcano man]_* _(Director: *Eva Becker*, *Henning Christiansen*, *Zeljko Vidovic*, *Teja Fischer* // D/CRO) Dauer: 20:00 Min.)_ Finally there is a group project in which it’s really clear who the producer is. And this one is in dire need for some bucks to pay for his iceberg of food. He needs a hot story: the story of the mysterious volcano man. *In the presence of director Eva Becker*

*_Metatron_* _(Director: *Michael Schwarz* // D 2014 // Dauer: 3:00 Min.)_ Archangels!?!? On the internet? Metatron is Found Footage right between chuckling face gymnastics critical of the media and the possibility of revitalizing subtle energy fields. *In the presence of director Michael Schwarz*

*_Der reflektierende Käfer [The reflective bug]_* _(Director: *Oliver Rossol* // D 2015 // Dauer: 8:07 Min.)_ Hedonistic activities on the death-drenched forest soil. The protagonists? Dor beetles, our friends with opalescent shells. Tremmel, not the beetle, says “Can they see how he is watching?” *In the presence of director Oliver Rossol*

1 April 2016

22:00 h,

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