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In keeping with this year's focus, we show some shorts of the special kind, which will, in the best Hessian humour tradition, not leave one dry eye. There will be a reunion with many famous filmmakers, beginning with the legendary Gruppe Hau in the sphere of F.W. Bernstein, Robert Gernhardt, F.K. Waechter, Arend Agthe and Bernd Eilert (all of the “Neue Frankfurter Schule”), who released many films – short as well as long – during the 1970s and early 1980s. _*With the film makers Eva Becker, Birgit Lehmann, Manuel Francescon, Bernhard Lenz u.a.*_ *YKA HOLAN TANI KERKA (ON THE WRONG TRACK)* _(D 1972), Duration: 3:37 min_ *DIRECTOR: GRUPPE HAU* Two runners meet each other in a stadium. LICHTER shows the Scandinavian and German version of the classic sports movie, one after the other.

*HIER IST EIN MENSCH* _(D 1972), Duration: 2:55 min_ *DIRECTOR: GRUPPE HAU* "Here is a man, do not send him away, give him a hand, give him a word." This film can confidently be regarded as the forerunner of all music videos. Assembled together with Peter Alexander’s hit "Hier ist ein Mensch” [Here's a man].

*SCHGAGULER* _(D 1988), Duration: 12:00 min_ *DIRECTOR: MARTIN KIRCHBERGER* A mockumentary about an old farmer who lives on an isolated farmstead and who is one of the last masters of planting cucumbers: Only at specific points into the snow may the cucumbers be planted in order for them to ward off evil or bring a fruitful harvest.

*ALS HITCHCOCK IN AUERSTEDT AUF EIERMANNS ELSE TRAF* _(D 1999), Duration: 14:00 min_ *DIRECTOR: BIRGIT LEHMANN* A photo proves that Hitchcock was staying in Auerstedt in 1956 and met Mrs Eiermann. An encounter, that inspired him to create some of his greatest masterpieces. Especially Psycho has to be seen in a completely new light in this context.

*WOLFSMÄNNER* _(D 1999), Duration: 5:00 min_ *DIRECTOR: RAINER EWERRIEN* Wolfsmänner, which won the 1999 Alfred-Edel-Audience-Award at the Frankfurter Filmschau, is a film about the extreme life in the male pack.

*FUTTER* _(D 1996), Duration: 4:50 min_ *DIRECTOR: CARSTEN STRAUCH* Hobo-lion Stefan Krause is hungry. But who is passed over during the feeding, must find something on their own and that seems to be more difficult than imagined. Futter shows that true friends are rare.

*HESSI JAMES* _(D 2000), Duration: 04:50 min_ *DIRECTOR: JOHN WEILAND* The Badesalz classic, which was among the five finalists selected for the Student Oscar in 2001, is set in the Arizona desert: Cowboy John G. Tucker is a feared gunslinger. But there is always one that is faster. Though not necessarily with a colt...

*DIE ZWEI FRAGEZEICHEN??* _(D 1999), Duration: 10:00 min_ *DIRECTOR: MANUEL FRANCESCON, BERNHARD LENZ* It is guaranteed, that the Freax, trash-filmmakers from Offenbach, experience exciting adventures in their detective series. From the founding of their detective agency in Benni’s children’s room, up to their quasi-military training, the two young detectives are accompanied.

*N GSCHICHTN* _(D 2012), Duration: 17:50 min_ *DIRECTOR: EVA BECKER* The digital slacker movie depicts a strange distant world, and yet, the main theme is nearness or failure of any communication. Among others, N Gschichtn was honoured with the Hessian Film Award in 2011 for its wry, anarchic humor.

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28 March 2014

08:00 h, Mal Seh'n Kino

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