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Rouge Parole

Elyes Baccar

After more than twenty years of silence, the Tunisian people have raised their voice in revolution, a voice which they had been previously denied. Citizens take to the street to fight for their right of expression. On the 14th of January 2011 president Ben Ali is overthrown and forced to flee the country. Baccar shows in his documentary the emotional turmoill of a society on its way towards democracy. People who have been oppressed for many years fight in different regions for their right to be heard. Artists, farmers and unemployed people search for their identity and their future and figure out the meaning of freedom and democracy along the way.

29 March 2012

21:00 h,

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Direction Elyes Baccar
Year TUN/CH/KAT 2011
Duration 94 min
Language Arabic Original with English subtitles
Production Mahmoud Bouneb, Nicolas Wadimoff, Elyes Baccar