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Eran Kolirin

The everyday life of the physician Oded is interrupted by an accidental occurance. Ever since he had to leave work to go back home one afternoon, to retrieve a forgotten briefcase, he behaves like someone who stumbles and who would afterwards scrutinize his way of walking. The young scientist leaves his usual patterns behind and becomes part of a puzzle, which features his girlfriend, colleagues and neigbours. Not much happens in “The Exchange“, but the things which do happen are often oddly funny, always suprising and end up in an experimental set-up. The interior shots of Eran Kolirin‘s (from „Die Band von nebenan“) second feature film were shot in Hanau. It premiered at the Biennale in Venice.

31 March 2012

20:15 h, Kino des DFF

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Direction Eran Kolirin
Year ISR/D 2011
Duration 94 min
Language Hebrew Original with German subtitles
Production Eilon Ratzkovsky, Karl Baumgartner
Cast Rotem Keinan, Sharon Tal, Dov Navon
Camera Shai Goldman
Script Eran Kolirin