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Marc Crehuet

*INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION* *_FOLLOWING TALK IN PRESENCE OF DIRECTOR MARC CREHUET_* Two old schoolmates arrange to meet for dinner after many years. Why the contact broke off once becomes clear quite quickly: Lydia is unreflecting everyday racist, Sandra an intellectual leftie, who has seen the world. The stereotypes are pushed further to the edge and the escalation threatens, when Sandra's friend and rally companion Ignasi appears at the dinner with an eye-flap. We know that the policeman David, Lydia's lover just ranted about the damn rioter, as he owes his suspension to him. David probably shot out his eye ... Following the catastrophic dinner the humiliated Lydia calls it off with her dull boyfriend and decides to expand her horizon. David, on the other hand, does not want to stand for the image of the brute: Of all people, he asks the insecure Ignasi for private tuition in explaining the world and communism. Against the backdrop of the financial crisis, this angry comedy lets social milieus clash and unmasks the attitudes to life of its four naive protagonists as far too simplistic – with catastrophic consequences.

31 March 2017

19:30 h,

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Direction Marc Crehuet
Year ESP 2016
Duration 87 min
Camera Xavi Gimenez
Script Marc Crehuet
Editing Jaime Avila

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