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The Yards

James Gray

Leo Handler (Joaquín Phoenix) is released from prison and welcomed back by his family with a big party. He stands there, quite lost, but his friends reassure him that they will look after him. Leo works in the family business and does not realise that he has ended up in the heart of corruption. His very first job goes badly – railway wagons belonging to a competing company are to be sabotaged – and just a few days after his release, Leo is wanted for murder. Dark images of the New York borough of Queens, flight, hiding and the sweat of fear contrast with happy family holidays, which threaten to explode at any time. In between these we see the touching representation of the relationship between the protagonist and his mother (Faye Dunaway) and his childhood sweetheart Erika (Charlize Theron). In long camera shots – like paintings of light and shadow – the truth emerges in the unanswered questions. _Festivals u.a.:_ _- Cannes_ _- Toronto International Film Festival_

24 March 2013

16:00 h,

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Direction James Gray
Country USA
Year USA 2000
Duration 115 min min
Language Engl. OmU
Production Kerry Orent, Paul Webster, Nick Wechsler, Bob Weinstein, Harvey Weinstein
Cast Joaquín Phoenix, Mark Wahlberg, Charlize Theron, James Caan, Faye Dunaway
Camera Harris Savides
Script James Gray, Matt Reeves

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