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Triple Feature I // Vier danach [Four later]

Julia J. Geiß

Contergan and its implications in the 1960s means something to the majority of the German population. The pharmaceutical scandal condensed in the term “bleeder scandal,” which has been uncovered 30 years ago might be known to just a handful of people. In Germany, at the beginning of the 1980s about 1800 haemophile men, so called bleeders, contracted HIV due to a contaminated blood clotting medicament. More than 1000 of them have died of AIDS by now. The filmmaker *Julia Geiß*, graduate of the Kunsthochschule Kassel, presents, in addition to her own family’s experiences, three more families concerned and their dealing with the disease and death. She calmly portrays four men, whose death by third-party responsibility until today has mostly escaped the public’s notice. In 2015, *_Vier danach_* has played as part of the 7th edition of the inter-university film program *“Hessen Talents”* at the *Berlinale*. *Musik*: Eloi Ragout *Julia J. Geiß:* From 2005-2009 sound technician at the *Hessischer Rundfunk Kassel*. In 2013, her film *_Shut Up Money_* has been sponsored by the *Hessische Rundunk Filmförderung* (HFF-hr) with the amount of 10.000 Euro.

*In the presence of director Julia Geiß and actrice Katharina Huber*

*In the category Triple Feature I we will show 3 selected films in unconventional formats: “Opa,” “Vier danach,” and “in between identities.”*

31 March 2016

18:00 h,

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Direction Julia J. Geiß
Year D 2014
Duration 44.27 min
Language OV
Production Julia J. Geiß, Anne Walther
Camera Julia J. Geiß
Script Sarah Paar
Editing Julius Schultheiß