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Ulidi piccola mia

Mateo Zoni

On the occasion of its premiere in Turin, the well-known film and festival director Gianni Amelio called this film “a flower at the edge of a field”. This short, utterly poetic work, which is something between documentary and feature film, is set in a very delicate realm. It takes place in the days leading up to the 18th birthday of Paola, half Italian, half Moroccan, who lives in an assisted living facility for young people with mental health problems. The film shows Paola and her roommates performing their daily tasks, dealing with their diseases and the normal problems of growing up. It presents a completely compassionate attitude towards the difficulties they face in their everyday life. From the Hessian partner region Emilia-Romagna.

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Direction Mateo Zoni
Year I 2011
Duration 67 min
Language Italian original with subtitles
Camera Alessandro Chiodo
Script Paola Pugnetti, Giada Meraglia, Marcella Diena