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Vergiss mein nicht

David Sieveking

In his second documentary David wants to fly, Friedberg born director David Sieveking deals with his mother's Alzheimer's disease. The camera accompanies him at every step as he moves back to his parents' home for some time, to provide his father with a break from caring full-time for his mother Gretel. Sieveking says, that out of his mother’s tragedy "not a film about illness, but one about love" developed. A filmic declaration of love that not only shows Alzheimer's disease, but also tries to reassemble the pieces of an active life like a puzzle. Vergiss mein nicht received the Hessian Film Award for "Best Documentary" in 2012. _In presence of Malte Sieveking (father of D. Sieveking)._

24 March 2013

18:00 h,

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Direction David Sieveking
Country Germany
Year D 2012
Duration 89 min
Language deutsche OV
Production Martin Heisler, Lichtblick Media
Cast Gretel Sieveking, Malte Sieveking
Camera Adrian Stähli
Script David Sieveking

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