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LFFI18_Women of the Venezuelan

Women of the Venezuelan Chaos (Femmes du chaos vénézuélien)

Margarita Cadenas

Five women recount how their lives changed for the worse in the past years. They come from different social classes and working situations. What they have in common is that they all have been denied the humble wish for existential security and physical health for their families. Venezuela, one of the earth’s most oil-rich countries, has been in deep economic crisis for years. Over a decade ago, the Chavez government began as self-declared socialism of the 21st century, as a bearer of hope for the international left. The state propaganda that is broadcast around the clock via radio, according to which there are no shortages of medication or food and no social deterioration, are proven to be lies by the documented fates. Impressively and harrowingly, the director Margarita Cadenas centres on what economic data, malice and ideological delusions often leave behind: that the sufferers are humans who bear scars that may never heal.

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Direction Margarita Cadenas
Year F 2017
Duration 83 min
Language Spanish/French language, English subtitles
Production MC2 Productions, Les Films d'Ici
Camera César Briceño
Editing Cécile Ribet, Margarita Cadenas, Mariana Eva Cadenas
Sound Robert Kopeć, Philippe Avril
Music Rémi Boubal

German premiere