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keine Startbahn West

Keine Startbahn West - Eine Region wehrt sich


Directors: Thomas Frickel, Regine Heuser, Gunter Oehme, Rolf Silber, Michael Smeaton, Wolfgang Schneider
Documentary film, Germany 1982
Language: German

May 14 at 5:00 pm • Cinema: DFF 
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Nuclear expansion, large-scale industrial projects, peace, alternative life models: the 1970s and 80s were marked by political movements of the people. An important role, giving both meaning and identity, was taken on by the Rhein-Main region’s protests against the plans of the county Hessen and the FAG (today: FRAPORT). The expansion of the airport by Runway 18 West was supposed to be prevented. Over 100.000 people from the whole region took part in the protests. The film shows in sometimes grotesquely humorous shots that not everything could remain peaceful with a group of this size.

The filmmakers use intermedial stylistic devices such as animation, concert recordings and interviews with participants from both sides to emphasise the artistic aspects of the protest. 

Structured in six chapters and framed by shots of a charity concert, the film shows the chronology of the protest. Even though the result of the protest is common knowledge today, the parallels to themes of our present are obvious. They also show us that resistance and the attempt to improve something as a collective, regardless of the outcome, are both rewarding and relevant. After all, a common goal always unites people more effectively than empty phrases. As said in the film: “Law does not always have to be right."

DirectorsThomas Frickel, Regine Heuser, Gunter Oehme, Rolf Silber, Michael Smeaton
ScreenplayThomas Frickel, Regine Heuser, Gunter Oehme, Wolfgang Schneider, Rolf Silber
CameraMarian Czura, Wolfram Dormann, Ilse Meier, Wilfried Zeckai
EditingThomas Frickel, Regine Heuser, Wolfgang Schneider, Gunter Oehme, Rolf Silber
MusicMaximilian Kerner, Inga Rumpf und Band, Frank Wolff, bots, Udo Lindenberg+ Panik-Orchester
ProductionFrankfurter Filmwerkstatt GmbH

The digitalisation of the film was supported in 2021 by the Förderprogramm Filmerbe.


“Documentary about the protests of the early 80s against the expansion of the Frankfurt airport and the self-portrayal of the political entities. A partial, intentionally provocative montage film that emphasisesthe emotional component of the conflict. Further, an interesting contemplation on the presentation of reality in the media." (Filmdienst.de)