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We Chechens

We Chechens


Director: José Costa
World premiere
Documentary, Germany 2021, 78 min.
Language: German, Russian with German subtitles

May 12 at 6 pm • Cinema: Pupille 

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The conflict between Russia and Chechnya escalated in the early 1990s. Between 1994 and 2009, two wars shook the North Caucasus region to the core. Thousands of people die, thousands flee. The documentary We Chechens accompanies five refugees in their homeland of exile in Germany and sheds light on the consequences of war and uprooting, which are omnipresent in their everyday lives. At the same time, the film traces the protagonists' efforts to maintain Chechen traditions and political structures and to pass them on to the next generation. Parallels to the current war in Ukraine come to mind during the interviews with the protagonists and the historical film material.


José Costa

CameraJosé Costa, Olga Boycheno
SoundJosé Costa, Marian Mierzwa-Hofmann, Isabel Heuler
ProductionJosé Costa

About the Director

Director José Costa studied at Filmhochschule Darmstadt.