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*_AN EVENING OF CONVERSATION WITH HUMOUR AND WINE_* _In cooperation with the Caricatura Museum Frankfurt_ *ADMISSION: 6 EURO* As Zaphod Beeblebrox said, _"My relationship to reality is completely in order. I'll have it serviced every fortnight."_ In this sense, the illustrious guests of the Caricatura Museum share for a whole evening – at least that's not a lie – non-faked news story in a witty and quick as lightening verbal exchange, checking true fakes and false truths, throwing out alternative facts and set factual alternatives in stone. Is in the marshes of lies, in the foggy cloud of fake news the halfway decent truth already as good as a badly plagiarised doctoral work? Is not the earth perhaps a disc? When thinking, it is well known that a glass of wine can help considerably. And while thinking aloud and laughing louder, two little glasses help even better – therefore we are serving truly splendid wines this evening. Who's coming? The pope, the chancellor and the Emperor of China, along with the one or other president. Or, indeed, other prominent discussants such as *MICHAEL RINGEL* _(editor of the "Wahrheit"-page of the TAZ)_, *MICHAEL SCHMIDT-SALOMON* _(philosopher and journalist)_, *TIM WOLFF* _(Titanic editor-in-chief)_, and *HANS ZIPPERT* _(Author and former Titanic editor-in-chief)_. The hour of truth is chiming on the 29th of March 2017 at 7 pm. From 9 pm onwards, it is quite alright to lie again like a trooper. Host of the conversation is *BIRGIT SOMMER*, _Hessischer Rundfunk_. With wines and suggestions from *Rupert Rösch*.

29 March 2017

19:00 h,

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Year 2017
Language German

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